Wachusett Around the World

Wachusett Around the World

Wachusett has a way of bringing everyone together. Have you ever been to somewhere far away and heard the WaWa Jingle?  Or see someone sporting a Wachusett hat or tee? Wherever you are, you're never really too far from Wachusett!  Show us where you are, where you've been and who you see in your travels!! E-mail us a photo and be sure to include a Wachusett Mountain T-Shirt,  sticker or other Wachusett Logo.

Track where Wachusett fans have travelled.

The Stimpsons visit Antarctica!
Corey and Molly sportin their WaWa gear at Mt. Hood
Our logo crops up everywhere!! How was Sun Valley John?
On Top of Kilimanjaro: Sophia Bond (skier), Irena Bond, George Bond (xterme team snowboarder, Baraca (guide) Anne Charertte (ski instructor), Cecilia Charrette (ski instructor), and John (guide)
George Bond, 13 former Xtreme Team snowboarder in Tanzania’s Peace Matunda orphanage
Carolyn and John Stimpson hiked Kilimanjaro.
Carolyn, owner, and husband John are hiking Mount Kilimanjaro... and of course with Wachusett and Polar Swag!!
This group is getting ready for the winter by hiking up Wachusett. Followed by biking to Monadnock and hiking that too!
This group is getting ready for the winter by hiking up Wachusett. Followed by biking to Monadnock and hiking that too!
Former Wachusett Race Team member and current US Ski Team Member Nick Kraus wearing a Wachusett sticker on his helmet!
Wachusett Sticker in Hawaii!
Bobby Broderick seen in Cocoa Beach, FL sporting Wachusett Stickers on his Cadillac
Mike Halloran, Wachusett's Ski Patrol director spent this spring at Mt. Everest!!
The Stimpsons and the Crowleys at the National Ski Areas conference- take a break and visit the Grand Canyon
WHOA!!! What an incredible view in Bormio, Italy!!
Tav and crew at Sunshine Village, BC
Willis family plasters Wachusett around Colorado
Dennis, Jane, Walt and Colleen spreading the word in CO
The Gove family at Disney rockin' the Wachusett 50th Tee!!
Jane and Meagan Tobey in China
Lucia Valentin February 2013 in Buenos Aries, Argentina on the beach sporting her Wachusett T-shirt from her visit to the mountain earlier this winter!
Uncle Adam takes his 3 year old niece out for her first visit!
50th Celebration tee spotted at the Dave Mathew's concert!
Happy camper shopping MTNside Christmas night!
Ski Instructor Linda G working at Logan!!!
The Vatcher & Stimpson families visited Lake Powell- an impromptu drawing of the WaWa mountain on the limestone- priceless!
The Stimpson Family at Basin Harbor, VT
Front Corner, you'll see Chris Stimpson donning a WaWa sticker on his mortarboard.
Chris Stimpson at Mt Hood- since he's so far up in the clouds, it's hard to see his Wachusett sticker on his helmet... but it's there!!
The Getchell Family recently hiked Wachusett and had a captive view of Mt. Monadnock in the background.
This nice family stopped by on a weekend and asked to hike- of course- we love to see families hike!! And then, they left this wonderful note for Carolyn. We love our extended Wachusett Family!
The Meyers' recently visited Rome, Italy and stealthly placed this wawa sticker by the Trevi Fountain
Raymie skis in Dubais
No matter where you are in the world, someone always knows the wa-wa Jingle!
Gary Lahti and Family in his WMRT (Wachusett Mountain Race Team) Jacket in Utah
Neil from WMRT & Tana who works at Powder House Ski Shop & is wife of Alta GM Onno W.
Performed LIVE at Wachusett during the 2011 2nd Annual Great New England BBQFest! What an amazingly talented group!
George the Biker in Vermont - check out the back of his helmet! Way to represent!
Ed and Claudia with Capri, Italy in the background mist
A former Wachusett Instructor found this sticker at Beaver Creek!
Kat Crowley spotted at Sun Valley with a Wachusett sticker on her helmet!
Heidi Milazzo running in the Challenge Wanaka Triathlon in her Wachusett Hat
During the National Anthem when Shawn White won the NZ Winter Games ½ pipe comp—he owned. Notice Carolyn with her Wachusett Sticker on her helmet.
This pic is @ Treblecone NZ. A foot & ½ of fresh powder in August! All Stimpsons have WA stickers on helmets, a NZ woman saw them & said I’ve skied there and sang the WA jingle, now that’s branding!
At Snowbird Mountain in Utah on the top of the mineral basin lift Dan from Mountainside found a Wachusett Sticker!
The Jones Family at Sunday River NASTAR open in January 09
Franz Webber, World record speed skier, Olympian & Guinness Book of Records with Claudia Durand from Wachusett @ Birds of Prey World Cup race '08
Check out the Wachusett Sticker on on Franz Klammer’s skis
Wachusett Mountain Season Pass Holders get 50% tickets at Alta!!
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The story that started it all...

Hi All,
During this past February vacation, my husband, myself and our three daughters went to Italy. My oldest daughter is a sophomore at Wachusett and wore her sweatshirt each and every day. One evening we were walking near the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence when this group of teens spotted her sweatshirt and all broke into the "Waa Waa Wachusett" song. So here we all were miles from home in a foreign land and about 25 of us were all singing the "Waa Waa Wachusett" song. It brought us all together for a couple of moments and we just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't change your jingle. It's known even in Italy!!

We are novice skiers who absolutely love skiing at Wachusett. It is a family friendly mountain with THE BEST chair lifts in all of New England. (we've had some scary experiences at other mountains). We are very fortunate to have such a great place so close to home. Thank you and your brothers for the wonderful job you do.

Sincerely, Lori, Dick, Kelleigh, Shannon and Corie Welch Holden, MA



Here's what our favorite world traveler customer had to say about the season at Wachusett:
(see Phil's pic from Ireland above)

"This year, your snow making/grooming crew deserves the Nobel Prize for Ski Trail Maintenance and General Miracle Work...Several other times this season your people have come up with snow seemingly out of nowhere to rescue what looked like the end of the season...I'd say around 99% of the people I've chatted with are amazed at the job you guys have done. We have all been to other resorts over the winter and seen places where they seem to have given up in the face of the rain, warm weather, and quick freezes. But in my four years of snowboarding, I've come to trust Wachusett to come up with some magic… It really is amazing, what your guys have done this year. They ought to be proud of themselves, and I hope you are proud of them.

So anyway, thanks to all of you again--snowboarding has become a huge part of my life, thanks to the good folks at Wachusett. Looking forward to next season already..." Phil C.