Sunday Fitness

Sunday Fitness Classes

Sunday Mornings 7:00-7:45am / February 18 & 25

Maximize your ski day by focusing on your body before you hit the slopes! Warm up your muscles and increase your flexibility with our ski-specific morning yoga and fitness classes! Our professional fitness experts are offering two 45 minute classes on a rotating weekly schedule in our Maple Room, overlooking the mountain!

SnowYoga walks you through stretches and poses to release tight muscles, increase flexibility and helps prepare you mentally for your time on the slopes.

CoreShot is an active fitness set that raises your heart rate to warm your muscles fibers, release endorphins and prepare your body to step up your game once you hit the trails.

Once classes wrap up, grab a coffee or smoothie in from Starbuck's, then hit the trails for an hour, or three or the whole day!


February 18: SnowYoga - This class has been cancelled.

February 25: CoreShot


$15 (Includes exercise session and a coffee or smoothie from Starbuck's Mountain Cafe)
$65 (Includes exercise session, coffee/smoothie and a lift ticket)


Your session will also include Polar water, mats, towels and any additional equipment. Wear loose or stretchy clothing and sneakers.


"You warmed up your car, tuned your skis/boards, why would you not prepare your body to hit that first run ready to roll? Find out what the experts already know, don't use your first few runs as a 'warm-up.'" ~Scott Mellecker