Clif Bar Air Bag


  The Big Air Bag
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Clif Bar Air Bag

The fun of jumping and the ease of landing on an air bag!

Bag will be open for tubing except for special events TBA

Clif Bar Air Bag Tubing


Now open for 2018!  

Please check the Daily Snow Report for current status. Hours weather permitting and subject to change.


$10 for 2 jumps

$25 per session


  • Must be 12 years old to participate
  • Signed Waiver Required (under 18 must have a parent/guardian signature)
  • Helmet is Required
  • For Freestyle jumping when available:
    • Must have solid skiing and snowboard equipment
    • No Race Skis/sharp edges or ski poles
    • Must be 12 years of age or older and have mastered the basics of skiing or snowboarding.  (under 12 may be possible with parental consent)
  • For tube jumping NO ski boots, but shoes must be worn.
  • Must start at the marked starting gate. If one starts higher, there's a danger that a jumper will jump over the Bag. 
  • Must follow the directions of the supervisor, and the Bag may only be used for appropriate purposes.