Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

Demo Center Details... Is this the place for you?

• Our equipment is focused to a wider range of skiers and riders than the basic rental equipment can offer. With us you’ll find models with a wide variety for every skill level. We can accommodate guests with or without their own boots.
• We know our equipment intimately. We gain constant feedback about the personality of particular models from our staff who are out skiing and riding daily, from the dozens demo customers who help us refine our opinions, and from the comments collected from our Ride’Em and Rank’Em test crew.
• We use this wealth of information to formulate a recommendation for you on which models you should try that will deliver maximum enjoyment of the snow.
• Try us before you purchase new equipment this year, it’s too easy to make a bad choice, and too hard to stay current with all the changes in equipment. Come experience it first hand at Mountainside. We’ve already done the homework.

Reservation details
Demo reservations must be submitted by 7:30pm of the previous day. 
Demo reservations can be made by phone at 978-464-2626
All demo reservations must be paid in advance. 
Demos must be picked up by 10:00 or demo fee will be forfeited. 
Night Rate demos must be picked up by 6:00
A valid credit card and driver’s license required to demo. 

Our typical demo guest tells us:

• “I bought new boots last year, now I’m ready for a new ride this year. Show me the latest, greatest”
• “I’ve never been on a shaped ski, but I’ve been skiing for a number of years”. 
• “I’ve made a break through with my instructor and he/she suggested I upgrade my equipment to progress even further”.
• “I’ve been out of skiing for while, but now my kids are getting me back into it, and I used to be ok”.
• “I’m hooked with the racing bug, what you can suggest to help go faster!”
• “I’m going out west this year, what would you recommend that works well in the east and the west.”
• “I’m only going to be on snow 5 or six days this year, and I don’t want to invest, I have good boots, what can you put me on for today”