Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

As stewards of an exceptional mountain environment, Wachusett Mountain Ski Area is committed to providing high-quality outdoor recreational experiences. Our staff and guests realize Wachusett Mountain is a priceless national treasure. We strive to continually improve our environmental performance in order to provide enjoyment of Wachusett Mountain for future generations of snow and mountain enthusiasts.

As a Skier or Snowboarder you should:

•    Carpool to Wachusett Mountain.
•    Use recycling facilities at Wachusett Mountain and at home.
•    Never litter, and clean up after those that are less thoughtful.
•    Support Open Space initiatives where you live or play

Wachusett Mountain State Reservation

  • The Wachusett Mountain State Reservation Visitor's Center is located approximately one mile up Mountain Road from the base lodge.  The Visitor's Center, open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., features hiking maps, nature displays, rest rooms and other information on the natural attractions on the mountain. Hiking trails are open year round.
  • Located within the Wachusett Mountain State Reservation, Wachusett Mountain Ski Area operates in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation providing skiing and snowboarding on 100 acres of terrain within a 450-acre leased area. 
  • The Wachusett/DCR relationship, in effect for more than 30 years, has been viewed nationwide as a model public/private partnership for ski area operations.  
  • Friends of Wachusett Mountain – Wachusett Mountain Ski Area offers administrative and promotional support to the “Friends of Wachusett” citizen’s group created to promote and protect the natural resources on the mountain.