Ski Patrol/ Safety

Wachusett Mountain has an award winning Ski Patrol as well as Rangers. The Ski Patrol is made up of approximately 150 men and women who are certified in Outdoor Emergency Care. Our Ranger program is made up of approximately 50 men and women who ski the mountain teaching safety on the snow.

We always encourage skiers and riders to be sure they are always in control and make and effort to keep themselves and the people around safe. Small things like wearing a helmet and knowing the code can make skiing and riding safer for everyone at Wachusett. All park event participants are encouraged to wear helmets, we will even provide you with one to borrow for the competition if you ask!

If you'd like information about becoming a Ranger or Ski Patroller complete the online app below or call Kevin McDonald at 978-464-2300 Ext. 3351


PLEASE NOTE: Please remove backpacks before riding the chairlift.


Responsibility Code   |   Stay in Skier Shape

Uphill Trail Use Policy

Ski Bikes
Ski bikes and foot traffic are not allowed on the slopes or lifts.

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Helpful Tips:
Ski Tips
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