Snowmaking & Grooming

We call our Snowmaking Crew "the Department of Mother Nature" because our snow is just as fresh and natural as hers. Whether it’s falling from the sky or a snow gun, the process is the same, air and water -- no artificial ingredients.  

Thanks to our Snowmaking X2 project -- construction of a brand new state-of-the-art snowmaking pump house in 2016 significantly increased the speed we can cover the trails to give you the best conditions possible allowing us to pump more than 8,000 gallons per minute up the mountain This also includes the latest in computer-controlled technology -- snow guns on Ralph's Run will now have the ability to start and stop and adjust as temperature and humidity change.

Wachusett may be close to home, but with a 2,006 foot elevation, we still get mountain weather. We have snow even when there’s none in your backyard. And, when Mother Nature doesn’t give us enough snow, we love to help her out!

Our snowmaking system of advanced HKD Tower Guns blankets 100% of our terrain with huge mounds of natural-feeling snow. With these technologically-advanced guns and new state-of-the-art compressor system, we offer reliable conditions all season long. This powerful snowmaking system creates less noise, uses less energy and is more efficient than ever before. That means only one thing for you – more snow! Our snowmaking is a non-consumptive use of water because when the snow melts it returns to the watershed from which it comes.

Also, check out this informative video on the Science of Snowmaking! 

If you think we take snowmaking seriously, wait until you see the grooming! Our fleet of 6 grooming machines, features 2 Pisten Bullys (including a winch cat to service our steeper terrain) and 4 state-of-the-art Prinoth vehicles (including 2 to service our terrain park.  These 
ensure that Wachusett continues to provide the award winning grooming that you have grown accustomed to. Our grooming staff is truly passionate about laying down a surface that will bring a smile to your face. We resurface the trails twice daily so you can get the maximum fun on the slopes every day and night.

Unconditional Conditions Guarantee!
We are so sure you will love skiing and boarding at Wachusett...We GUARANTEE it! If you don’t agree the conditions are to your liking, just bring your ticket to Customer Service in the first hour of skiing. We’ll cheerfully credit you equal value towards a future visit.