HEADway Teaching Program

Wachusett is the first in New England to launch the HEADway Teaching Program 
- a customized learning experience which guarantees results in just one day.  This “total immersion” program combines specially-designed rental skis with all-day instruction to help skiers learn at a faster pace.  Note: 16YO and Older

To reserve your day SELECT A DAY and go to the Beginner Packages Tab
Note: Not available on weekends

HEADway program - FULL DAY $299; HALF DAY $150

  • Lift Ticket from
    • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. FULL DAY;  
    • 9 a.m. to Noon HALF DAY
  • Class instruction (5 student maximum)
  • Use of 3 specially designed custom-length skis 
    • Set 1 - shorter ski to work on balance
    • Set 2 - medium-length ski to work on gliding and stopping
    • Set 3 - regular length ski to perfect steering skills

Bonus offer

  • Three more visits for only $79.50 (1/2 price 3-Peat Card) – that’s just over $27/day.
  • 2 FREE Rentals and 1 1/2-price Demo
  • MTNside Ski & Ride Shop “essentials” Discounts (20% off gloves, hats, goggle, socks, neck warmers)